domingo, 26 de outubro de 2008

LCD Mouse

Here is a great little project that takes a small Nokia LCD screen with driver from Jelu Webshop and places it in a standard mouse. This screen is then controlled via a parallel port and a special software PC program that uploads the picture to the mouse. You could have your own digital photo album on your very own mouse.

In the above picture you can see the LCD screen with the driver board installed.

Above you can see the final mouse. With a little airbrushing, and some skilled rotary tool use, he made a very nice package. You can see the parallel port adapter followed with the original USB connector. Not a very hard project, but very effective. The hardest part of this is working with the LCD and the driver board. Running this device off of software on the PC is not super easy. This article does not do a very good job of describing how this is done, so I guess some trial and error would have to be done to make one of your very own.

For some reason I had a thought on trying to combine a graphical LCD with a computer mouse. Perhaps this had something to do with my review of Logitech’s G15 Gaming keyboard six months back. Like in my MouseFan mod that I did in 2001, I decided to joke around by addind a fan inside a computer mouse. At that time people were putting more and more fans to their setups so I thought it would be funny to see one inside a mouse. I believe this LogiNoki started with similar thought patterns. One can find LCDs and TFTs embedded to almost everything so why not inside a mouse. And why settle for an ascii or even monochrome display as there should be usable graphical color displays available out there…

You can see more about this great DIY project here. [via]

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