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Display de Mitsubishi Carisma em PC

introDisplay lcd chip hd44780 for pc modding

With this instructables you learn how to interface an small lcd character display with a computer, which shows infos or whatever you want

What you need:

1. the display whit hd44780 chip
2. 10kohmTrimmer
3. 100ohm resistor
4. an old lpt cable
5. an usb cable

1. soldering iron
2. 3rd hand
3. wires

560x420 : FT238Q9F9N2E1ZZ (0)

step 1Datasheet

Well the first thing you have to do is to search the lcd datasheet, most of the productor upload it in their sites, so you can search using google tipying the display code.. for example mine was CMC102001L01GBN... you can see an example of datasheet here here

step 2connecting cables

connect the lpt cable in this way:
Lcd Pins Wire color
RS Orange/White
R/W Brown/White
E Black
DB0 Brown
DB1 Red
DB2 Orange
DB3 Yellow
DB4 Dark green
DB5 Blue
DB6 Lavender
DB7 Grey

Now take the usb cable and connect the black and the red wires respectively to VSS and VDD display pins. (check your datasheet for the right connection, for me pin1 was VSS, and pin2 VDD)
you can cut off the green and the white wire...


step 3trimmer and resistor

Take the 10k trimmer (I used also a 4,7k and it works good) and connect the central pin to the display on the VO, the other two pins to the pin VSS and VDD of the display

Then take the 100ohm resistor and connect it between the pin BL+ and VDD, and then connect the pin BL- to VSS with a wire.


step 4FINISHED!!!!!

Well you've just finished you lcd display!

to test it plug the usb cable to the computer if the screen lights on and appear a black line it works, if not plug out soon and check the links (use the trimmer to try the screen, it regulates contrast, maybe if you not see any line in the screen it is possible that the contrast is regulated to minimum)

Your result must be like this once you installed the program to interface with it (i had not lpt cables so I used normal wires to connect to the lpt port)


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