quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2008

LilyPad Arduino

welcome to LilyPad Arduino!

The LilyPad Arduino is a set of sewable electronic components that let you build your own soft, interactive fashion. To get started, snag a LilyPad deluxe kit, which has all of the available LilyPad sensor and actuator boards. Or, get only the pieces that you want, probably at least a LilyPad mainboard, FTDI board, power supply, and a spool of conductive thread.

Work through the tutorials here to learn how to build all sorts of soft interactive stuff...perhaps fortune telling shirts, jackets that sing when you're squeezed or turn signal equipped cycling wear? Enjoy!

Note: for a more general introduction to electronics, programming, and the regular (non-LilyPad) Arduino, see ladyada's excellent tutorials.

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